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Discord: gravityshifter.
Twitter: @gravity_shifter

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Hi I'm Pinki, I'm a modder and pose maker for lalafells. Mainly, I focus on custom ears/accessories as well as re[de]fined lalafell conversions. I'm kind of awkward and bad at conversation, but I hope you will enjoy my creations!
My interests include: ff14, drakenier, tlou, gravity rush, mcu, star wars, and oc / worldbuilding.
please be sure to read my rules before using my mods!

please enjoy !

commissioned/private mods

commissioned/private mods

please read !

  • Do not port to other games without my explicit permission (private use is okay)

  • Do not use for variant media for commercial use without consent (eg Vtuber designs, logo design, watermarks, stamps, etc)

  • For any original design. Please contact me for any commercial use inquiries regarding ANY of my mods.

  • Do not redistribute anywhere

  • Do not use with NSFW lalafell / Do not upscale any lalafell mod past vanilla/re[de]fined lalafell. Tall mods may be upscaled to any body size

  • Porting my public / free mods to other races are fine as long as credit is provided

  • If you are looking for the password to my discord exclusive mods it's NOLEWDERS%5pT8W4O$cUr

why are you like this ?